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Electricity Bill Calculator

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You can now calculate your electricity bill by entering your consumption data, and compare
the tariff you use with others! Discover the advantages of different tariffs by login the
electricity consumption calculation module that separates your usage by day, peak,
and night!

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2 Last Meter Reading Date

Aydem Elektrik
Perakende A.Ş

VERGI DAIRESI 3900519***
Mersis No: 39005194650****
Şirketimiz e-fatura mükellefidir



INVOİCE DATE 03.02.2021
INVOİCE NO IG8242394291401**
INVOİCE CODE 2423942914**
Aydem Perakende ÇAĞRI MERKEZİ
0850 800 0 186 www.aydemperakende.com.tr
Contract Account No Business Name
8*********** ZONE / 15
Installation No. Unique Code 180331*** Tariff Code 1001
Consumer Group 4 AG TTTZ Mesken EIC 237812391239737217
Consumer Class Candidate Eligible Consumer Installed Power (kWh) 5,00000
Period 2021/02 Contractual Power (kWh) 3,0000000
Next Reading Period 2021/02 Meter Serial No. 8608054
Multiplier 1,0000000 Meter Brand LUN
Turkish Identity Number/Tax Identification Number 519**********0 Tax Office Tax Office
Customer Details
Fİ*** SA***
Meter Reading Details First Index Last Index Difference/Consumption
Reading Day 0 0 0
Daytime 0 0 0
Peak 0 0 0
Nighttime 0 0 0
Bill Items Consumption (kWh) Unit Price Total Amount
Energy Price Totality 304,813 196,32
Daytime 140,531 0,644070 90,51
Peak Consumption Price 84,554 0,644070 54,46
Nighttime 79,728 0,644070 51,35
Energy Fund 6,06
TRT Share 0,85
VAT Basis 2,42
VAT 205,65
Rounding 0,03
Bill Amount 242,62
Excluding receivable late fee on past debts
Instructed Bank XX Bankası A.S
The payment spots are on the back of the invoice


Results according to the consumption values you specified;
The inquiry made on this page is intended for information purposes only.

For the billing calculations based on the amount of consumption entered by you when making an inquiry:

  • National unit tariff as published by EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Authority) is used.
  • Tax and fund exemptions are not taken into consideration.
  • The current VAT rate of 8% applies for all the calculations with respect to Household and Agricultural groups of subscribers, while a VAT rate of 18% applies for other groups of subscribers.
  • Debts from previous period, late fee, deposit amount, cut-off/reconnection charge, reactivation fee and overconsumption charge are not taken into account in the calculations.
  • Round-off differences on your bills are not taken into account.

This calculation engine is specially designed to enable our customers to make any comparisons between tariffs. The amount billed and proportional benchmarks indicate approximate values.

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