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Green Tariff

Green Tariff

The Green Tariff is a pricing structure that allows customers on the national tariff to access energy services powered entirely by clean energy sources, offering an eco-friendly energy solution.

Contribute to a sustainable future by switching to green energy tariffs, which are supported by renewable energy sources including wind, hydroelectric, solar, geothermal, and biomass energy.

To take advantage of the Green Tariff, simply complete the application form, visit our nearest Customer Relations Center, or contact our Call Center on 0850 800 0 186

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What is the Green Tariff?

The Green Tariff is an energy pricing model designed to minimize environmental impacts, ensuring that the energy supplied is sourced from eco-friendly methods like wind, hydroelectricity, solar, geothermal, and biomass. These tariffs are designed to incentivize the production of energy from renewable sources.  Switching to the Green Tariff helps reduce harmful environmental impacts, thereby benefiting the Earth and all living creatures.

Which Subscriber Groups can benefit from the Green Tariff?

Residential Public and Private Service Sector and Others (Commercial) Industrial Agricultural Activities (Agricultural Irrigators) Lighting

Green Tariff with Aydem Perakende

Now is the time to switch to the Green Tariff and benefit from renewable energy advantages!


Explore the loan supports and incentives available to you and seize the special financing opportunity associated with the Green Tariff.

Energy Security

Let's diversify our energy sources and reduce dependency on non-renewable energy by embracing renewables.

Brand Image

Boost your customer loyalty by promoting your commitment to being eco-friendly, a quality increasingly important to today's consumers.

Sustainable Future

Join us in preparing a cleaner, more sustainable world for future generations by using natural resources responsibly.

Environmentally Friendly Energy Use

Adopt the Green Tariff and be part of a movement towards an eco-friendly lifestyle with reduced carbon emissions.

Switch to the Green Tariff, Empower the Future with Clean Energy!

Choose the Green Tariff for better access to clean, environmentally friendly energy sources. By opting for this tariff, you help minimize environmental harm and reduce carbon emissions during energy consumption.

Green Energy Tariff in 3 Steps

  • Application

    Just fill out the application form to start your switch to green energy.

  • Contract

    We'll set up an agreement so you can start benefiting from the tariff right away.

  • Green Energy Tariff

    Begin your journey with green energy under the specified tariff.


Did You Know?

    • Remember, our Green Tariff is exclusive to our energy consumers.
    • If you go for this tariff, your bill will have a sign showing you're using electricity from clean energy sources.

  • The green tariff can only be used by consumers to whom we supply energy as the contracted supplier.  
  • Customers who wish to switch to the Green Tariff should submit a written application to the contracted supplier. Tariff will be changed in the first billing period that follows the bill to be issued with the index findings at the end of the period that covers the date of request.  
  • Request to switch to the Green Tariff can only be made twice in a calendar year.  
  • Unlike the national tariff, the Green Tariff supplies only single-time energy to the customers.  
  • You can call our Call Center on 0850 800 0 186, visit one of our Customer Relations Centers or fill out the Application Form to switch to the Green Tariff.

What is the Green Tariff?

  • The Green Tariff means providing electrical energy that is completely produced from renewable energy sources for customers who use energy on the National Tariff.

I want to switch to the Green Tariff. Is there a price difference between the Green Tariff and the national tariff?

  • Yes. You can check the table to see the prices defined for the Green Tariff by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK).

I am using Discounted Electricity. Can I switch to the Green Tariff?

  • No. The Green Tariff can only be used by consumers to whom we supply energy as the contracted supplier.

When did the Green Tariff was commissioned?

  • The Green Tariff, which is voluntary, was commissioned on 1 August 2020.

Will my bills show that I use electricity based on the Green Tariff?

  • A special marking showing that the electricity was produced from renewable sources will be found on the electricity bills of consumers who wish to be supplied energy as part of the Green Tariff project launched by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK).

Is Aydem Perakende the only company I can apply to for switching to the Green Tariff?

  • Consumers who wish to use energy produced from renewable sources as part of the Green Tariff will be able to do so with the suppliers that offer services in their areas. The consumer should submit a written request to the contracted supplier to switch to the tariff.

Are the rates for the Green Tariff currently known? Where can I see the numbers?

  • Active energy prices were determined as standard fees for all subscription groups according to the Green Tariff table published by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK). Distribution fees for your current tariff will be added to these prices to calculate your electricity consumption fee.
    For power plants subject to the Renewable Energy Sources Support Mechanism, Green Energy cost will be determined according to the cost obtained from the weighted average energy unit price (feed-in tariff) paid as part of the mechanism, and it will differentiate from the regular tariff accordingly. The cost is determined by factors such as the exchange rate, rate of production resources and how domestic the production plant is. 
    See the Green Tariff Price Table.   

How can I end my Green Tariff subscription?

  • You can submit a written application to your local contracted electricity supplier. You can exit the Green Tariff and start to use your new tariff in the first billing period that follows the bill at the end of the period that covers the date of your request.


Apply now and start enjoying the benefits of the Green Energy Tariff!

Sign up for the Green Energy Tariff today to support a sustainable future and enhance your eco-friendly brand image. Start reaping the benefits of this tariff, including special financing options!  Got questions or ready to switch? Contact us!

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