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CardFinans Agricultural Card Campaign

3-Month Interest-Free Term for Bill Payments with CardFinans Agricultural Card Campaign!

Pay your electricity bill with your CardFinans Agricultural Card to take advantage of an interest-free term of up to three months and meet your cash requirements while enjoying extensive term opportunities. 

Visit our Aydem Perakende Customer Relations Centers for Agricultural Card to pay your electricity bill with your CardFinans Card.

Additional Benefits Offered by CardFinans Agricultural Card

Benefit from other advantages that your CardFinans Agricultural Card offers in your purchases.

Support for Botanical Production

Use installment loans from QNB Finansbank ATMs for 24/7 and postpone your payments until the harvest time with the opportunity of a maturity of up to two years.

Simplicity in Agricultural Payments

Visit merchants with QNB Finansbank Agricultural POS devices and buy your needs such as fuel, fertilizer, feed, medicine, etc. without any interest for three months.

Flexibility in Premium Payments

You can give automatic payment orders for SSI & Bağkur premiums, and make these payments using your Agricultural Card in case of insufficient balance.

Necessary Documents for Application

Prepare the necessary documents and apply for a CardFinans Agricultural Card to benefit from the advantages offered by your bill payments.

Necessary Documents

    • Farmer Registration System (ÇKS) Certificate
    • ID Photocopy
    • Legal Banking Contract
    • Commercial Card Application Form

Win Interest-Free Advantages in Bill Payments with CardFinans Agricultural Card!

Visit your nearest QNB Finans Bank branch and apply for a CardFinans Agricultural Card to pay your electricity bills without any interest and benefit from the other advantages offered for your agricultural activities!

  • Assessments for card applications and card limits are subject to QNB Finansbank credit policies.
  • You can use your CardFinans Agricultural Card for bill payments only at Customer Relations Centers with Agricultural POS devices. In Denizli, you can visit Çivril Customer Relations Center, while in Muğla you can visit Bodrum, Customer Relations Center.
  • Customers willing to apply for a CardFinans Agricultural Card must be engaged in agricultural activities. Customers with a CardFinans Agricultural Card can pay all their bills in every subscriber group.
  • Our customers who make their payments under the campaign can repay the paid bill amounts for up to three months without interest.
  • The term of the campaign is determined by the bank, and Aydem Perakende is not responsible for this term.

What is the customer benefit offered in the campaign?

  • Installments will be available until the harvest time in electricity bill payments with a CardFinans Agricultural Card. Farmers can make repayments anytime during the term. Plus, no interest applies for the first 3 months.

What is the scope of the campaign and what are the application requirements?

  • This campaign is for Aydem Perakende customers who are engaged in agricultural activities and for Agricultural Card owners. CardFinans Agricultural Card applications can only made from QNB branches.

Who can have a CardFinans Agricultural Card?

  • All producers who earn their living from agricultural activities and own a farming certificate can have a CardFinans Agricultural Card.

How to apply for a CardFinans Agricultural Card

  • Prepare the following documents and apply to your nearest QNB Finansbank Branch. Farmer Registration System (ÇKS) Certificate, ID photocopy, Legal banking contract, Commercial Card application form.  If necessary, additional documents and guarantees may also be requested.

How do you determine the card statement date for CardFinans Agricultural Cards?

  • The statement date for a CardFinans Agricultural Card is determined to be 1 or 2 payments for a year according to the harvesting time for the agricultural product in question.

Where can I use my CardFinans Agricultural Card?

  • You can use your agricultural card in merchants with QNB Finansbank Agricultural Card POS devices as per the operating conditions of the merchants.

Where can I direct my questions and complaints about CardFinans Agricultural Card?

  • All SME Banking departments at QNB Finansbank branches will be happy to help you with all your questions and complaints.


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