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Efficient Card Campaign

Yapı Kredi Efficient Card: Exclusively Designed for Farmers!

Pay your electricity bill at Aydem Perakende Customer Relations Centers using the Yapı Kredi Efficient Card, and take advantage of the interest-free payment option for up to three months, allowing you to defer your bill payment until the harvest season!

Aydem Perakende customers can benefit from the specially offered Direct Debit System for agricultural institution payments, ensuring a fast, easy, and reliable process for automatic payments.

To immediately take advantage of the advantageous opportunities offered by the Efficient Card exclusively designed for farmers, you can apply at a Yapı Kredi branch.

What is a Direct Debit System (DDS)?

The Direct Debit System (DDS) is a specialized payment system that enables us to efficiently and reliably collect our customers' electricity debts in a user-friendly manner. This system is designed to automatically collect customer debts within predetermined credit limits according to their payment deadlines. For more information about DDS, you can contact Yapı Kredi Bank.

Advantages that come with the Efficient Card

Simplicity in Agricultural Payments

Benefit from the option to make purchases of agricultural products with deferred payment terms through Yapı Kredi's partner agricultural companies. Simplify agricultural payments using a MasterCard credit card accepted at all businesses.

Flexible Payment Options

Manage your purchases of agricultural products with the freedom to make payments either in cash or through flexible installment plans. Take control of your finances by setting payment amounts and due dates.

Alternative Payment Options

Make your payments easily through the modern method of card payments, eliminating the need for checks, promissory notes, or letters of guarantee. Streamline your agricultural operations with efficient and dependable payment processes.

Stable Cash Flow

Don't worry if you don't have sufficient balance in your account on the payment due date. Address short-term cash shortages during times of need with favorable interest rates, ensuring smooth business management.

  • Our customers who want to apply for the Efficient Card must be engaged in agricultural activities. In this regard, our customers who use this card can pay their bills across all participant groups like Agricultural Activities (Agricultural Irrigators), etc.
  • Our customers who make their payments under the campaign can repay the paid bill amounts after three months without interest.
  • The term of the campaign is determined by the bank and as a company Aydem Perakende is not responsible for this term.

What is the customer benefit offered in this campaign?

  • By ensuring that our customers pay their consumption bills on time, they will be able to repay the bank after three months without interest. Our customers who aren't able to pay after three months will have a chance to make their payments on their card due dates if they wish.

What are the scope and the terms of applicaition?

  • Customers who are Aydem Perakende customers and have Yapı Kredi Efficient Card and are engaged in agricultural activities can benefit from this campaign. Efficient Card applications can only be made at Yapı Kredi branches.

How can I benefit from this campaing?

  • You can apply for an Efficient Card at your nearest Yapı Kredi Branch and start profiting from the advantages of the campaign now.

What is Direct Debit System (DDS)?

The Direct Debit System (DDS) enables us to collect electricity consumption debts from customers within predetermined credit limits, on payment terms, with minimal operational and financial costs. Detailed information can be obtained from Yapı Kredi Bank.

Do you accept applicants from all cities?

  • The campaign covers the entire country. It is available for only Aydem Perakende customers who pays electricity bills from all over Türkiye without provincial borders.

Can I pay my bill debt in installements whit this campaing?

  • The campaign does not cover installments, and you can make your repayments to the bank interest-free after three months.

Can I pay postpone the due date for a longer period?

  • Under the campaign, only three months of interest-free maturity is set by the bank and there is no additional deferral option.


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