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The success of the Aydem Perakende family results from our vision to always aim for the better and our robust financial structure, as well as our strong corporate culture and principles embraced by the entire staff. After meeting all the required criteria, we became a “Great Place to Work Certified” company in 2021 and 2022 as a consequence of our work policies built on a high level of trust and our game-changing innovative practices enabling employee satisfaction and happiness. In January 2023, we proudly attained the esteemed “Great Place to Work Certified” recognition for the third consecutive occasion, substantiating our standing as an exceptional workplace. Aydem Perakende, crowned the Best Employer of the Aegean Region in the 250+ employee category at the Turkey’s Best Employers 2021 and 2022 Regional Awards, achieved yet another triumph. Once again, in May 2023, it earned its place among “Turkey’s Best Employers” for the third time.

Maintaining these work policies based on a high level of trust in the upcoming years is among our biggest goals. At Aydem Perakende, we leverage our transparent HR policies that are compliant with procedures and rules to fulfil our responsibilities towards individuals, the society, our country and the environment. “People” are at the heart of everything we do and every step we take. Continuous improvement, curiosity, our inquiring spirit and the expertise we have gained over the years allow us to come up with solutions that add energy and value to every moment in life. We encourage our colleagues to express the different ideas they have, care about their social needs and celebrate their success together. We pay attention to changing conditions to help our colleagues and shareholders with their newly emerging needs and always improve our working environment, working system, products and services accordingly while at the same time leading the electricity sector with the steps we take and guiding the growth and improvement in the industry. Our curiosity encourages us to explore new ways to make our products, processes and services more efficient, faster and error-free. With a responsible approach towards individuals, the society, our country, the environment and future generations, our top priorities include acting ethically, being transparent, and having respect for social values and the environment. Guiding us in business are high ethical standards, sensibility, responsibility, and our dynamic and innovative values that address life experiences.

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Aydem Perakende in the Eyes of Employees

We get our energy from our colleagues who always add to our strength.

Fatih Uğur

Fatih Uğur

SME Sales Manager

“I am happy to be working in an organization where I can further improve myself.”

I joined the Aydem Perakende family as a Customer Representative at the Subscription Services Directorate. After working at the Subscription Services for a while, I was assigned as a manager to the Narlıdere and Buca Customer Relations Centers respectively. The responsibilities that I have taken for long years during which I found the chance to share my experiences and knowledge, brought me to my current position of SME Sales Manager. Our Company offers many opportunities for its employees to support them on their career path. I think one of the most important things that distinguishes the Aydem family from others is that they have a well-established corporate culture and they really value their employees. I am proud to be a part of the sales team at such a large retail sales organization. 

Sevgi Ekiz

Sevgi Ekiz

Aydem Regional Manager

“It is a big chance for me to be able to working in a corporate culture that allows me to express myself without limits and meet my professional goals.”

I have been working in the Aydem Perakende family for over 12 years. I started as a Customer Representative before I was promoted to the positions of Regional Director and Regional Manager respectively. Our Company always acts in line with the principles of equal life and equal opportunities. As a mother and as a woman, I should say that these principles raise positive awareness that sets an example for all other companies. Our Company makes us feel valuable with its benefits, as well as its policies that increase our standards of living.  I am very happy to be working at Aydem Perakende and to be a part of a successful team that is as close as a family.

Hatice Ece Yücel

Hatice Ece Yücel

Customer Representative at Marmaris Customer Relations Center

“Aydem has a mission that raises positive awareness in our lives.”

The Aydem Perakende family is a strong company that always provides its employees with material and moral support through its strong financial structure and “human-oriented” approach built on a high level of trust. We have a special working environment where managers empathize with employees and where we are able to freely express our opinions thanks to a working principle that encourages new ideas and growth. I am very happy to be a part of the Aydem Perakende family where I get to genuinely feel the sense of corporate belonging.