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May Our Shared Energy Drive Success, and May Your Endeavors Always Lead to Prosperity!

We derive immense strength from the 40-year, deep-rooted history of Aydem Energy, Turkey's first and pioneering integrated energy company. Our mission is clear: to deliver electrical energy to our customers, with a service approach that adds value to their future.

Become our corporate business partner and bring the advantageous products and campaigns in our portfolio to our potential customers in 81 provinces of Turkey, and become a partner in our success as a highly competitive business partner in the free consumer market!

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Is It Time to Consider Becoming a Part of Aydem Perakende’s Profitable Business Model? We Believe So.

With the Aydem Perakende Business Partnership, we offer the chance to create a profitable and sustainable business model. The beauty of this opportunity is its freedom from initial investment costs. It's about sharing our strength and bringing valuable products and services to our customers. 

But Why Opt for an Aydem Perakende Business Partnership?

We are a brand that values our business partners, offering solutions crafted around their needs. Our approach ensures that our partners experience sustainable growth and success, backed by our comprehensive support and expertise.

Organizational Strength

We nurture and develop our business partners with the strength we draw from Aydem Energy's more than 40 years of industry experience and expertise.

Advantageous Premium Rate

We enable our business partners to earn more profits with our advantageous premium rates in sales.


We expedite the business partnership processes, ensuring they progress swiftly and efficiently, so you can save valuable time.

Continuous Training

We support the ongoing development of our business partners through training and practices such as performance reviews, field visits and sales strategies.

Benefits of a Business Partnership with Aydem Perakende

Investment-Free Business Model

Investment-Free Business Model

You can become an Aydem Perakende business partner without franchise fees, equipment fees or similar additional expenses, and step into a sustainable and profitable business model.

Equal Earnings System

Equal Earnings System

Being an Aydem Perakende Business Partner, benefit from a unified earning system thanks to the equal business model policy we apply to pricing.

Development of Sales Strategies

Development of Sales Strategies

Work with us and our expertise to develop your sales strategies and profitably exploit your customer potential.

Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

Even if your background isn't rooted in the energy sector, we offer tailor-made training programs to expand your industry knowledge and expertise, ensuring you are well-equipped for success.

Aydem Perakende Business Partnership

By partnering with Aydem Perakende, backed by its extensive experience and specialized team in the energy sector, you stand to gain from a business model designed for sustained growth and profitability.

Electricity Sales

Bring Aydem Perakende's products and advantageous campaigns to customers through on-site visits.

Professional Representation

Embrace the corporate culture of the Aydem Perakende brand and stand as a professional ambassador for our esteemed identity.

Customer Relationships

Using your communication skills, develop mutually beneficial relationships with customers with a focus on their satisfaction.

Flexible Work Model

Through the Aydem Perakende Business Partnership, you have the opportunity to craft a dealership model tailored to the specific needs and aspirations of your enterprise.

Personalized Business Model

Ensure maximum efficiency in your business thanks to the special support tailored to your needs as a business owner.  

Team Structuring

Plan your sales team the way you want it, without any restrictions during the partnership.

How Can You Become a Business Partner?

Make your sustainable profit goal a success by becoming a partner of Aydem Perakende!

  • Application

    Send us your request for a preliminary interview by filling in the application form on our website.

  • Interview

    Find out about the earnings model, contract clauses and the structure of the business partnership.

  • Contract

    Sign the partnership contract and benefit from the special advantages and privileges.

  • Training and Familiarization

    Speed up the adaptation process with on-site visits and receive training from our competent sales experts.

Apply Now to Become a Business Partner of Aydem Perakende!

With Aydem Perakende Business Partnership, pave the way for a profitable, sustainable business journey!