Request and Complaints Resolution Process

Request and Complaints Resolution Process

Request and Complaints Resolution Process

At Aydem Perakende, we have become the energy source of millions of households and initiatives under the motto "Energy for Life". We have always strived to be with our consumers, and we have experienced the good fortune of working on and implementing innovations that will make our customers' lives easier. In line with our vision and goals, we have adopted the principle of approaching all our customers through a perspective we call "Energy for Happy Customers" by strengthening our existing relationships and always prioritizing a sense of trust in our relationships with all our stakeholders.

We focus on customer satisfaction and resolve inquiries and complaints as accurately, quickly, impartially and legally as possible, keeping personal information confidential, always from the perspective of "Our customer is our priority".

You can send us your inquiries and complaints 24/7 through the following channels:

All of your inquiries and complaints received by Aydem Perakende are carefully reviewed and recorded by our customer service representatives. A special application number is generated for you for these records and you will be notified via SMS. You can easily follow up the processing of your request, received with the application number, via our Call Center or via the "Check Applications" section of our Online Services Center (OSC) on our website or via our Customer Relations Centers (CRCs).

When the request and complaint process is complete, you will be notified of the outcome of the process via your preferred means of notification. You will receive a response to your objections and complaints about your bills within 10 business days at the latest. For other applications, our processing time is 15 business days.

When your application is complete, you will be sent a survey to measure your experience with the application and resolution process. Survey results and your feedback will be reported and analyzed periodically.

As a result of customer experience analysis, based on the opinions and requests of our valued customers, we continue to improve and develop all of our business processes to better serve you.