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Green Energy at Work Campaign

Green Energy of Your Business & Assurance of Your Future!

Thanks to the Green Energy at Work Campaign offered for customers who wish to support renewable energy resources, we help our customers get the I-REC Certificate

When you get the I-REC Certificate by supporting renewable energy resources at your business you will have many advantageous in national and international markets and increase your trade volume, enjoying the opportunity to invest both in your job and the future of our planet.  

Fill in the application form or call our Call Center at 0850 800 0 186 to benefit from the Green Energy at Work Campaign featuring our advantageous offers.

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What is I-REC Certificate?

The I-REC Certificate is an internationally recognized and renowned certificate that transparently ensures the traceability of the source and attribute of each unit of energy produced. 

You can be one step ahead in a global level with your I-REC Certificate that you will receive if you provide your energy from renewable resources.

Here are the advantages of the Green Energy at Work Campaign

Tax Exemption

You can benefit from carbon tax exemptions and renewable energy incentives. 

Commercial Privileges

You can expand your trade volume by taking the opportunity to collaborate with national and international companies that work in line with the sustainability goals. 

Exclusive Credit Facilities

You can benefit from exclusive credit facilities by applying for the banks’ green funds. 

Sustainable Life

By using renewable energy, you can contribute to the prospect of your business, as well as a sustainable future.

Green Energy at Work Campaign in 4 Steps

  • Application

    Fill in the application form or call our call center to benefit from the campaign. 

  • Contract

    Sign the collaboration contract that includes our campaign offer and start benefiting from exclusive advantages and privileges.

  • Certificate Request

    While your electricity supply process continues, let us help you convey your request for the I-REC Certificate corresponding to your consumption quantity.

  • Certificate Delivery

    Let us help you get your certificate in digital environment issued for your relevant period and consumption details.


Additional Benefits of the Green Energy at Work Campaign to Businesses

If you prefer this campaign, you can get various additional benefits along with the I-REC Certificate. 

A plaque that shows that your business supports renewable energy resources Planting saplings at Aydem Memorial Forest in the name of your business to support your contribution to nature A nature-friendly daybook which you can recycle for a sustainable future

Businesses Taking Their Energy from Green

Industrial Facilities Bank Branches Hotels OIZs Port Buildings Malls Hospitals Office Buildings Agricultural Enterprises Husbandry Enterprises Aquaculture Enterprises Construction Enterprises
  • To benefit from the campaign, your annual consumption must be at or above the Eligible Consumer Limit.  
  • Commercial or Industrial subscribers can benefit from the campaign.
  • Customers who are currently using another campaign or discount cannot benefit from this campaign.  
  • You can apply for the campaign until 31.12.2023.  
  • Customers who benefit from this campaign will be offered a discount on a percentage basis based on the tariff for 12 months.  
  • The customer will be charged a deposit amount that equals to their highest monthly consumption in the last 12 months, and this amount will be reflected on the customer’s bill.
  • The campaign covers the entire country. You can apply from anywhere in Turkey.  
  • You can fill in the application form or call 0850 800 01 86 to benefit from the campaign.  

What is the Green Energy at Work Campaign?

  • The Green Energy at Work Campaign is for our customers who wish to use electricity generated from renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind or water. Thanks to this campaign, our customers can secure their electricity supply from renewable sources and obtain the internationally recognized I-REC certificate at the same time.

 What is the I-REC Certificate offered with this campaign?

  •  I-REC Certificate is an internationally recognized certificate that certifies that electricity was generated from renewable energy sources.

Where can I apply for the campaign?

  •  Customers who wish to benefit from the campaign can fill in the application form, call our Call Center on 0850 800 0 186 or visit one of our Customer Relations Centers to get help from our sales consultants with their application.

When can I start benefiting from the campaign?

  • As part of electricity supply, a Bilateral Agreement is signed. The customer starts to use the service according to the date they got included in the portfolio.

How long can a customer benefit from the campaign?

  • Customers can benefit from the campaign for a year.

Why should I choose this campaign?

  •   With this campaign, we are not only offering our environmentally and nature-conscious customers a cleaner energy option, but also the opportunity to certify their green electricity with the internationally recognized I-REC Certificate.

If I terminate the electricity supply contract, will I have to pay a cancellation fee?

  • According to customer contracts, “For Low Consumption Customers”: In cases where the Parties terminate the Contract prematurely and/or cause the Contract to be terminated prematurely and/or act against the Contract and/or the Contract is terminated/considered to have been terminated due to reasons stated in this article, a penalty shall be paid, which shall be 10% of the total amount calculated based on the Customer’s consumption in the last 12 (twelve) months before the date of termination or cancellation, and the price applied on the date of termination or cancellation. If the Customer is considered a consumer under the Consumer Law, they shall pay a penalty that equals either to the sum of the discounts applied until the date of termination/cancellation, or the sum of the average bills to accrue until the end of the ordinary Contract period (whichever is lower), without prejudice to the provisions regarding the scope of the Consumer Law and its secondary legislation. For other customers, if the Customer terminates the Contract prematurely and/or causes the Contract to be terminated prematurely and/or acts against the Contract and/or the Contract is terminated/considered to have been terminated for reasons set out in this article, the Customer agrees, declares and undertakes that they shall pay a fine that equals to 1x (one) of the highest bill accrued during the period of the Contract. If the Customer does not have any consumption data to be the basis for the penalty as per this paragraph, their average bill calculated according to Article 8.1 of the Contract shall be used to determine the penalty to be paid.

Can I benefit from the campaign even if the electricity subscription is not in my name?

  • Customers must have the electricity subscription in their own name to be able to benefit from the campaign.

When can I start to use discounted electricity?

  • Once the bilateral agreement signed with Aydem Perakende for electricity supply is approved by EXIST (Energy Exchange Istanbul) (in the 3-week period from the 6th day of the month until the end of the month, transition process is confirmed for customers who have a meter that is in compliance with the communiqué and who exceed the eligible consumer limit), the customer can start to use electricity with discount.


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