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We use our energy for the common good!

 We use our energy for the common good!

We use our energy for the common good!

With hearts full of joy, we joined hands with the LÖSEV Foundation for the Education and Health of Children with Leukemia, cherishing the privilege of standing side by side in this noble mission. Responding to every call with unwavering dedication, we have collaborated on numerous occasions throughout this year.

In a beautiful show of solidarity with LÖSEV's organic tangerine garden in Seferihisar, we have embarked on a mission to promote healthy and balanced nutrition. As a gesture to raise awareness among our employees, we extended our support by ordering tangerines for all our dedicated team members at our Customer Relations Centers in İzmir, Manisa, Aydın, Denizli, and Muğla, as well as our Head Office Buildings in İzmir and Denizli.

On New Year's Eve, we performed a collective act of kindness as an entire organization. Many of our employees joined forces to provide toys and stationery to children and young people battling leukemia.

In the heart of our İzmir Headquarters, a beacon of compassion and creativity emerged as we pioneered the erection of the LSV Dükkan stand. Here, a treasure trove of handcrafted wonders, lovingly crafted by the talented mothers of children battling leukemia, awaits eager shoppers.

Embracing the profound social support provided by LÖSEV to families in need, we informed our staff about the contributions they can make towards the establishment of a library at the Bodrum camp. This library will play a crucial role in cultivating a love for reading among children with leukemia and young individuals that have already recovered.

With unwavering dedication, we pledge to stand firmly by LÖSEV.

21.07.2023 13:28

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