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We have great energy!

 We have great energy!

We have great energy!

In a powerful reaffirmation of its triumphs in 2021 and 2022, Aydem Perakende once again solidified its reputation as an exceptional workplace in January 2023, soaring to new heights with its resounding "Great Place to Work Certified" achievement, fueled by progressive work policies, a people-centric philosophy, and a trailblazing approach to innovation.

Aydem Perakende, crowned the Best Employer of the Aegean Region in the 250+ employee category at the Turkey's Best Employers 2021 Regional Awards, achieved yet another triumph. Once again, in May 2023, it earned its place among "Turkey's Best Employers" for the third time.

At Aydem Perakende, people are at the heart of everything, and its unwavering commitment to its values guides its every action. Every single employee at the company plays a vital role in contributing to the shared joy we experience together. United in purpose, we get stronger and embrace growth together with each passing year.

We preserve the wonder of our energy.

21.07.2023 13:13

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