Energetic Chats with Tayfun Bayazıt

 Energetic Chats

Energetic Chats with Tayfun Bayazıt

Energetic Chats, our digital seminar series continue at full speed, playing host to expert guests.

The second program aired on 24 September 2020 with the participation of Mr. Tayfun Bayazıt, founder of Bayazit Consulting Services and Board Member at Aydem Enerji. This session on the subject “The Impacts of COVID-19 on the Economy” was moderated by Ms. Gülin Kılıçoğlu Sontuna, our Marketing and Business Development Director.

Mr. Bayazıt shared his knowledge and experiences on many subjects from financial markets and sales techniques in the new normal to crisis management and business growth. Held in a friendly atmosphere, our audience also found the opportunity to ask their questions.

We thank Mr. Bayazıt and all the audience for this useful and dynamic event. Energetic Chats will continue with different topics and guests in the upcoming days.

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24.09.2020 19:21