Modules and Services

Modules and Services

Check out the solutions for the entire needs of your business

Main Monitoring Module

  • Monitor your energy from a single point  
  • Track reactive power overuse  

Secondary Breakdown Monitoring Module

  • Monitor consumption of different load groups in real time  
  • Prevent inefficient and incorrect use  

Air Conditioner Control Module

  • Turn your air conditioners on and off remotely at the defined hours under defined conditions  
  • Prevent unnecessary use of your air conditioners  

Load Control Module

  • Check different load groups remotely or on-site  
  • Use IoT devices to give commands to your loads based on certain set values  

Indoor Air Quality Module

  • Measure and report the indoor air quality based on IAQ standard values  
  • Monitor temperature, humidity, CO2 and pressure values in real time  

Tariff Analysis Module

  • Compare your current tariff against alternative tariffs  
  • Through the EXIST (Energy Exchange Istanbul) integration, track price changes to select the best tariff for you  

Bill Analysis Module

  • Check and confirm your bills  
  • Detect anomalies, conduct Intra-Day Market and Day-Ahead Market analyses, and manage imbalances  

Critical Equipment Analysis Module

  • Collect, report and analyze the data for your critical equipment such as UPS and generator  
  • Prevent energy supply cuts  

Ölçme & Değerlendirme (M&V) Modülü

  • Enerji verimliliği projelerinizin etkilerini gerçek zamanlı takibe alın
  • Uluslararası Performans Ölçüm ve Doğrulama Protokolünü (IPMVP) temel alarak tasarruf miktarınızı otomatik hesaplayın

Solar Power Plant Management Service

  • Monitor all efficiency and critical alarm processes at your plant through analyses

Consultancy and Additional Services

Customization Service

  • Enjoy an easier process of monitoring and data sharing through screens tailored to your needs

Premium Digital Consultancy Service

  • Increase your potential for savings with one-on-one energy consultancy services

360° Digital Consultancy Service

  • Maximize your potential for savings with extensive one-on-one energy consultancy